Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Received Radio

I received the radio today.

 Bezel has some pitting in chrome

SM6T is the model number. Need speaker plug.

 Need new power lead wire

 Funny to see the vibrator sticking out

 All tubes present

Labels completely faded away

Lots of grime. This is caused by the power transformer leaking some wax and the dirt sticking to the wax.
Tuning clutch shot
 Looks like some hornet activity behind the dial light

 Peeling paint

Dial glass held in place with speed nuts

Bottom of electrolytic capacitor shows three caps in one. Two are power filtering and one is the output amplifier cathode bypass.

Tuning slug coils will need to be disconnected so that the tuning carriage can be removed. Unless I can remove the clutch without removing the carriage.

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